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My name is Naomi Naama Zohar. I have been in the Beauty Services Industry for over 26 years and have built a reputation for being the Best Eyebrow Shaping artist in South Florida with high profile clientele list and a large social media impact.
As a teenager growing up I noticed that overly plucked, thin eyebrows don't usually grow back and I understood that eyebrows don't forgive mistakes. That is why I always try to stick to the natural shape of the eyebrow and to leave it natural looking and thick.
I specialize in Eyebrow Shaping with my trademarked service known as: ‘Non-Invasive Eyebrow Facelift' that includes analyzing and shaping the eyebrow by leaving the hair to grow in the correct places, just like a puzzle, until the eyebrows fill in and you start seeing results. I use conventional waxing with a hypoallergenic formula made specially for sensitive skin, organic threading, trimming and tweezing (subject to the client's sensitivities).
I have over 20 years of experience with permanent makeup including Micropigment Shadow, and 3D Eyebrow techniques. After learning and perfecting different types of permanent makeup techniques I still wanted to achieve an even more natural look. 
This lead me to develop my exclusive Microblading 5D, which is the essence of Dr. Eyebrows. 
5D is a mineral-based semi-permanent makeup that lasts for 1-3 years.
It is a much more natural looking technique than the industry known standard of Microblading which is a simple line-by-line eyebrow reshaping. 5D is a feather-like technique that differs in shape, thickness and color. It is personalized to the client's eyebrows to give the most natural looking hair strokes.
In the end result it is nearly impossible to decipher between where the real hair ends and the Microblading 5D begins.

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